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Ullman Sails Helps Power 2015 World Champions and 2015 Corinthian World Champions!

1st Overall: 'Flojito Y Cooperando' (Main Only)

1st Corinthian: 'Team RAF Benevolent Fund Spitfire' (Main + Jib)

Ullman Sails J/70 Order Form and Spinnaker Coloring Tool     

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        J/70 AP Spinnaker Coloring Panel Layout
        J/70 STEP Spinnaker Coloring Panel Layout

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Update January 21, 2015 
        J/70 Racing Guide
        J/70 Tuning Guide
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Dacron Crosscut Race Mainsail

- Premium Firm Finish Race Dacron

- Crosscut Panel Layout

- Custom Tapered Battens

- Vision and Spreader Window

- Bolt Rope

Why Crosscut?

The Ullman Sails J/70 mainsail uses a crosscut panel layout to improve the sails ability to twist, ultimately making the sail easier to adjust and trim according to the conditions.  This has proven successful in many of our one design development programs, most notably with the Melges 24 Dacron “Shark” mainsail - Samuel "Shark" Kahn won the 2003 Melges 24 World Championships at age 14. (The M24 Shark mainsail also powered the 2005 and 2007 World Championship teams!).

Standard Features: Mainsail delivered with class royalty, class logo, sail numbers, spectra clew strap,telltales and roll bag

Available Upgrades:  Reef, Luff Slides

Dacron Tri-Radial J1-AP Race Jib

Our newest jib design, the J1-AP sail is designed for sailing in all conditions with the ability to easily go up the wind range.  The result of sail testing all over the United States we are excited about the new gear that this sail design offers.

Dacron Tri-Radial NB-AP Race Jib

This sail is designed especially for sailing in lighter conditions.  A fuller sail, competitors can expect exceptional power.  This is the sail used by the 2015 J/70 Corinthian World Champions.

All Ullman Sails Jibs come standard with:

- Premium Firm Finish Square Race Dacron

- Radial Panel Design

- J/70 Class Royalty

- ISAF Stamp

- Ullman Sails QR Tag

- Tri-radial Panel Layout

- Zipper Luff

- 3 Vertical RBS Battens

- Draft Stripes

- Clew Blocks on Soft Clew

- Tell Tale Window and Tell Tales

- Nylon Leech Tell Tales

- Tack Velcro Go Fast Flap

- Roll Sail Bag

Ask your local loft representative about cloth options!

Why Tri-Radial?

Performance through the Wind Range

Our tri-radial race jib is cut to take advantage of the low stretch of the Square Dacron cloth bias in an all-purpose head sail.  The result is a jib that doesn’t stretch, keeping the sail flat as the wind speed increases.


The combination of a radial panels and Square Dacron is essential give the sail the durability needed for a Dacron furling head sail.


STEP Class Spinnaker

Performance Shape

Our newest design, released just in time for the 2016 seaon, this is the Spinnaker of choice. Designed with a fourth level of panels, the sail exhibits greater stability and shape-holding traits than the competition.  Our performance design has been proven to get you planning in lower wind-speeds, helping you push past the competition or extend your lead.

AP Class Spinnaker 

Designed to Perform

The Ullman Sails J/70 spinnaker is designed with a powerful flying shape that is easy to trim and performs across all wind angles. This is the spinnaker of choice for flat water venues.

All Ullman Sails Jibs come standard with:  

- J/70 Class Royalty

- ISAF Stamp

- Ullman Sails QR Tag

- Tri-Radial Panel Layout

- Soft Clew

- Custom Colors

- Cunning ham

- Corner Labels

- Fold Sail bag

Ask your local loft representative about cloth options!

Video Discussion:  Tuning and Racing the J/70

with David Ullman and Erik Shampain


Ullman Sails Sail Development

All of our one design sails are developed and refined through an extensive sail testing program that involves time on the water and on the sail loft floor. The collaboration between our design team and top competitors ensures that our sails perform through the wind range, giving our customer's an edge on the racecourse.

"In one design the goal is to have an all purpose sail inventory that is powerful in light breeze and low drag in heavy air."

 - David Ullman, President and Head Designer


Check out the latest J/70 sail development session based in Newport Beach, California with David Ullman, President and Head Designer, and Erik Shampain, One Design Specialist from Ullman Sails Newport Beach. Video credits to the talented KMag at Ullman Sails Newport Beach.

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