It all starts with a good design – this is the basis of everything we do. Ullman Sails encourages all of its lofts to design sails themselves or to have a large level of input into the design. All designs are passed through a central design team to ensure that they not only conform to the highest of standards, but also to make use of the talents a group such as this has.

Our sailmakers are top competitors, active in both PHRF and One Design racing and are experts in their field.  They make sure every sail is built to the standards of the best sailors in the class.  Our sail development and speed testing programs are second to none.  We make sure that we have refined our product so that you get the fastest sails possible.

Ullman Sails are designed in SMAR Azure software.  AMAR Azure works closely with Ullman Sails to develop software programs that improve quality standards, manufacturing processes and the relationship with the final customer. 

Using this software we cannot only analyze all shapes, but engineer the strength required to make alight, long lasting sail to suit any boat. 

SMAR Azure programs are recognized as the best integrated design and optimization solution in sail design currently available in the market and allow for any kind of sail shape and dimension.

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Ullman Sails has the flexibility to use its own loft facilities for manufacturing and also those of our international group.  In addition, our lofts can make use of select outsourced factories that meet our construction standards.  Tapping into this global network means that Ullman Sails can ensure high-quality manufacturing AND supply market-leading technology. 

From Lasers to Super Yachts our international design team offers the level of experience required when working on high performance and high-load, custom projects.  The team’s close-working relationship with both cloth manufactures and the design software developers at SMAR Azure means that each project is not only designed and analyzed for optimum results, but produced with attention to detail and the best materials for the job.

Beyond our exceptional quality, Ullman Sails provides an unlimited manufacturing capacity through our loft network and strategic partnership with a production facility in South Africa.  This partnership has given Ullman Sails access to a superior lamination and membranes production that means sails going through an Ullman Sails loft are designed to last longer and give you fewer reasons to fret over repairs and replacements.


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